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Integrates Metaverse with Real World

Rens metaverse is not only a piece of image on the internet, but also filled with properties that have their equivalent in the real world. Rens first sells these properties as NFT, then these properties are either built from scratch or similar one purchased by Rens's partner companies in the real world. Investors then receive rental income from these properties.

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Rens Token Metaverse
It is a Real Estate project

that connects the Real
World to the Metaverse.

The metaverse created by the Rens project is based on real-world. Properties created in the Metaverse are similar to real-world properties, so their prices are proportional to the price of real-world properties.

  • These properties are divided into NTFs.
  • NFT holders will get accommodation right and rental income in proportion to the value of the NFT they own.
  • Investors can claim their monthly rental income on RENS Application website via their Web3 wallet.
Rens Token Real Estate
Rens VR

More realistic traveling in the Metaverse

RENS investors buy NFTs of properties in the metaverse and are rewarded with real world rental income of the properties.

In this way, the rental income of the properties allocated to them as a reward which will be claimable every month.

VR integration will be avaliable for users to view and go over their properties in the metaverse in more detail.

The possibility of navigating the properties more vividly. Step for laying the groundwork for future game projects.

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Our Service


Rens Token Network

3D houses are built in metaverse and divided into shares as NFTs.


The houses built in metaverse will then be built in real world and rented by our partner company.


Rental income will be distributed to NFT owners on a monthly basis.


Rens Token


Start earning by staking ! Stakers will be approved a tier for IHO allocation based on the amount staked.
Rens Token

IHO Platform

RENS organizes IHOs for the properties it creates in the metaverse. Investors who want to buy NFTs from IHOs that will be organized for each property will have right to purchase these NFTs at a more affordable price (when compared to a liberal market model) and with priority by staking Rens Token.
Rens Token


Rens Metaverse is an online living space. In this universe, investors will have the chance to experience digital world with VR glasses and they will be able to interact with each other.
Rens Token

Rens NFT

As the first version of our project, NFTs of 3D properties will be offered for sale in the metaverse. As our project develops/evolves, investors will be able to visit properties in the metaverse and explore the properties first-hand. NFT owners will benefit from rental income.


Teconomics Details

Token Supply % Token Amount Unlock At Listing Vestings
Presale 18.20 182.000.000 100% -
DEX 16.02 160.196.400 100% 12 month locked
CEX 20.00 200.000.000 25% 25% unlocking in TGE for First CEX listing, then 6 month lineer unlocking for other CEX listing
Team 8 80.000.000 0% 12 month locked, then monthly 5% lineer unlocking
Partnership 3 30.000.000 0% 4 month locked, then monthly 2% lineer unlocking
Development 5 50.000.000 0% 6 month locked, then 12 monthly lineer unlocking
Marketing 10 100.000.000 0% 2 month locked, then monthly 2% lineer unlocking
BURN 15 150.000.000 0% 3 month locked, 25 month lineer unlocking
Community 4 40.000.000 1% 1% will unlocked in TGE , 4 month linner unlocking


Property search process is made significantly easier using RENS Marketplace where an investor can find all property details and a 3D model of the house where on...

Rens Token always looks at many positive or negative situations from the perspective of an investor and primarily protects people who trust its project. We sta...

Rens NFTs are traded on Rens' own Marketplace. NFTs are shares of a property in Rens' Metaverse. Each property in the metaverse represents an equivalent propert...

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